A Curvy Girl’s Journey to Self-Confidence and Body Positivity

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After my last blog post with guest blogger, Sarah Tripp (check it out here, if you haven’t already read it), I thought it’s time to speak about my own journey to becoming body positive. After all, this topic is a huge part of what my blog will focus on. So, let’s get into it, shall we? 

For the majority of my life, I’ve been considered a bigger girl. Being plus size runs in my family’s genes (no, I’m not blaming my genes for my weight, I’m just stating a fact). Due to my weight, I was relentlessly bullied throughout middle school and for anyone this is completely devastating. Kids can be really mean. Luckily, I lived with my Poppa (grandfather) who made it his mission to tell me everyday that I was beautiful. I can still remember to this day, coming into the kitchen and the first words out of his mouth were, “hello, beautiful” or “hello, supergirl”.

When he left us (RIP Poppa!), those positive, uplifting messages didn’t wake me up every morning but I heard it enough to know that I felt beautiful. His words sunk in so deep that it made a lasting impression on me. I knew it was up to me and only me to continue repeating this message and so I did. Of course, I fell off the wagon a few times, but who doesn’t feel insecure at times? Especially, in the culture we live in today where the message to young girls and women is to aspire to be a size 2. When you come to realize you’re never going to look like the models on tv or in the magazines, it’s the most freeing feeling in the world to let those negative feelings go where you don’t feel good enough. You are who you are and that should be enough. 

Amy Johnston body positivity blog post

Photo by: @kirankaurphotography, https://kirankaur.ca

Dress & Hat: Aritizia

Shoes: Target

Cross-body: Kate Spade

So I’m here to tell you today (in case you don’t tell yourself or have anyone telling you), you are enough and you are BEAUTIFUL! This is a message I’ll share weekly so you too can become body positive. Do me a favour, wake up every morning for the next week and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. List what you love about yourself, inside and out because we know beauty is truly what’s on the inside. I hope I didn’t come off too corny there – haha but it’s true. When the week ends, reflect on how you feel and ask yourself a few questions, such as, “Do I feel happier?”, “Do I feel more positive about myself and my general outlook on life?” and “Do you feel lighter?” (as all the negative energy has exited your body). If you ask yourself these questions, I’m 99% sure you’ll notice a difference in how you carry yourself. 

Body positivity has become a movement (can I get a “HALLELUJAH”!?) and it’s a movement that I fully stand behind and support. Thanks to models like Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn and Denise Bidot for breaking fashion industry norms/standards that only girls who are a size 0 can walk a runway or be photographed in a fashion magazine, and thanks to body positive bloggers like Sarah Tripp for demonstrating on a daily basis that girls who are a size 12 or up can also feel amazing in a bathing suit. 

I hope as well that through worldisrunway.com that I can inspire you to feel beautiful in your own skin. Remember the favour I asked of you above and comment down below letting me know how it worked for you!

Until next time, 

Amy Johnston, xx

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