Your guide to Vancouver’s murals

Sandeep Johal Vancouver Mural Festival

One of the things I love about my city is its street art, specifically, wall murals. Vancouver has a wonderful display of murals throughout the city but I find myself drawn to those located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. 

This past August, the city had a large range of new murals pop-up for this years Vancouver Mural Festival., the city’s largest annual free public art celebration. To learn more about VMF, click here. 

Just recently, I walked down the streets and alleyways of Mount Pleasant, mural map in hand, exploring the new and old murals. I loved how bright, flowery and detailed they were as if every stroke of the brush was strategically planned. These artists are definitely talented!

When I finished exploring, I returned home to scroll through the photos taken by my boyfriend and as soon as I saw them I couldn’t wait to share the beautiful work of these artists. I couldn’t decide which mural to share with you as they were all brilliant so below are a collection of my favourites. 

Mural fashion photoshoot

Artist: Thrive Art Studio

Outfit Details 

Dress: Aritzia

Hat: Target

Sunglasses: ILYMIX (Use my code for $15 off)

Shoes: Nordstrom

Satchel: Coach

Aritzia dress mural shot

Artist: Thrive Art Studio

VMF mural

Artist: Sandeep Johal

VMF photo shoot

Artist: Sandeep Johal

Target style photoshoot

Artist: Danielle Krysa

fall photoshoot

Artist: Hanna Lee Joshi

Ilya Viryachev Vancouver Mural Festival

Artist: Illya Viryachev

VMF Mount Pleasant

Artist: Illya Viryachev

fall ootd

Artist: David Shillinglaw

If you’re planning on checking these out during your weekend or on your travels to Vancouver, I 100% recommend it. Using the mural map will absolutely guide you to where you need to go! 

Now when I visit a city, I always look to see if they have public street art. It’s certainly become one of my to-do’s when planning a trip. 

What city do you think has the coolest murals? 

Until next time, 

Amy Johnston


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