About Amy Johnston worldisurunway

How do you define “worldisurunway”? 

worldisurunway is about being confident in who you are, your world is literally your own runway. No matter what your size, strut down those streets with your head held high, make eye contact and smize (thank you Tyra Banks, the confidence queen) and do this knowing your both beautiful inside and out. Your size does not and will not define you. So ladies (or gents), walk out your door feeling fierce knowing that the worldisurunway. 

Who is Amy Johnston?

Hello gorgeous,

Welcome to my world! Thank you so much for stopping by to learn a little more about me. 

My name’s Amy Johnston and I’m the creator and editor of worldisurunway, my digital home for sharing self-love, my love for fashion and a look into my west coast city lifestyle. 

I currently reside on the west coast in Vancouver, BC but was born on the east coast in Burlington, Ontario (45 minutes outside of Toronto). Originally a primary/junior educator, I switched fields into digital communications where my love of social media bloomed. Now I work as a solo-entrepreneur working for different clients from my own home. I love traveling, dogs, donuts and craft beer (not necessarily in that order ;), exploring my beautiful city, photography, and of course, fashion. Fun fact: I used to live in London, England and it’s now one of my favourite cities. 

Want to learn more about me? Stop by my contact page and reach out via email or social media. I’m most active on my Instagram account. I’d love to connect and get to know you! I don’t consider this a one-way street. 

Amy Johnston, xx